Do Not Disturb
Stay focussed on what you have to do

About Do Not Disturb

Ever had to do something, but got distracted by so many other things on the internet? Well, you're not the only one.

Let's say, you have to work on an essay. You're trying to focus on it, but Twitter, Facebook and your mail are much more fun, so you will give yourself an excuse and you're going to do something else than you're essay for 5 minutes. And after 20 minutes, you're still not working on your essay. Don't you think it's much more efficient to have a way to block all the distracting sites?

That's exactly where Do Not Disturb comes in. This Chrome extension blocks all the sites, except the ones you really need. When you're trying to visit a site which is not on your unblocked sites list, you will see a message and the site will not be opened.

But that's not the only feature of Do Not Disturb. Of course you sometimes need a little break, so that's why Do Not Disturb comes with a pause function. You can set the time of the pause yourself, from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. When you're working on something, and need a break, you can easily pause Do Not Disturb and browse all the sites again. Once your time is over, all sites will be blocked again (except the ones on you're unblocked sites list). You can pause Do Not Disturb multiple times, but you have to wait between them.

Since version 2 you can also block certain sites all the time, even if Do Not Disturb is turned off. This makes Do Not Disturb even more useful!

You can download and use Do Not Disturb for the price of absolutely nothing. If you like it, you can pay me by telling your friends!



Did you found a bug? Have a comment? Or do you wanna see a new feature in Do Not Disturb? Feel free to mail me at I'll get in touch if necessary!


How do I install Do Not Disturb?
Just download it by clicking the download button above. The Chrome Web Store will open, and you can download Do Not Disturb right there.

How do I update Do Not Disturb?
Do Not Disturb will update automatically, and it will notify you that it's updated.

What's the difference between the Chrome Web Store download and the direct download?
Both versions are identical, although normally updates are distributed a few days earlier on this site than on the Web Store. It doesn't really matter where you install Do Not Dirsturb from.

Why does this extension need so much information?
When you're installing Do Not Disturb, Chrome will warn you that this extension need to know your whole history and all the data on every website you visit. Do Not Disturb does NOT need that information. It doesn't save the data neither.

© copyright 2010-2012 - Thanks to Sjoerd de Bruin for uploading Do Not Disturb to the Chrome Webstore! - Thanks to Floris Jansen for his great ideas and feedback!